Venice has been the home and the subject of many artists throughout the years – and for good reason. The city itself is a wonder to behold, with many architectural marvels and scenic views that lend to its overall beauty.

Tourists who fancy themselves as shutterbugs can find numerous spots around the city that are just perfect for taking pictures. If you’re wondering which places in Venice make for great photographic subjects, then read on.

  1. St. Mark’s Square

Considered as a veritable hub of tourist activity in Venice, St. Mark’s Square (known locally as Piazza San Marco) usually takes the top spot in any visitor’s travel list. Crowds flock to the square on a daily basis, wandering across it to marvel at many architectural marvels that surround it. It’s definitely worth taking a wide shot of the piazza, so that you can take in everything that the scenery has to offer.

  1. Campanile of St. Mark's Basilica in VeniceSt. Mark’s Campanile in Piazza San Marco

While visiting St. Mark’s Square, you might as well drop by the famous bell tower that overlooks the piazza. Standing at 160 feet in height, the view from the top of the tower is simply breathtaking. People can’t help but stare in wonder at the panoramic view of the city that this uniquely spectacular viewpoint offers. You’re sure to have a photographic field day as you can take some amazing perspective shots of the entire city from here.

  1. San Giorgio Maggiore

If you’re looking for a more subdued photo session, the small yet beautiful island of San Giorgio Maggiore that lies across the lagoon from St. Mark’s Square should be your next stop. The placid waters, especially at sunset, provide a picturesque view that’s perfect for a photo op.

  1. Courtyard of Doge's Palace in VeniceDoge’s Palace in San Marco

As palaces go, the Doge’s Palace is an impressive piece of architecture where you can get some gorgeous shots. The former palace turned museum offers some impressive views, whether it’s from the inside or the outside. Its detailed features make for a great subject for Venetian gothic architecture, which includes everything from the ancient columns to its majestic inner courtyard.

  1. Bridge of Sighs

The Bridge of Sighs takes its name from the prisoners who would breathe out a sigh of resignation as they crossed it. The bridge connects the Doge’s Palace to the prison and is actually a very popular spot for taking pictures. The area overlooking the bridge is especially lovely during the twilight hours, when the deep blue of the canal contrasts beautifully with the lightening hues of the dawn.

  1. Rialto Bridge in VeniceRialto Bridge

Another popular bridge where tourists love to visit is the Rialto Bridge. As the oldest bridge that crosses the Grand Canal, it is steeped in history and culture. It can get quite busy during the day, but it’s still possible to get some nice shots of its wide expanse, especially in the middle of the day. There’s nothing like taking a photo of it as you ride a ferry down the Grand Canal.

  1. Riva Delgi Schiavone

Taking a stroll on this wide-open promenade while taking in the sights is a great way to take it easy while snapping a couple of pictures during your walk. Located in between St. Mark’s Square and the waterfront, the bayside view evokes a calm and peaceful feeling to anyone viewing it. The twilight hours turn the horizon into a sea of blue that seems to stretch on endlessly.

  1. St. Maria of Salute Basilica

If you’re looking for a quieter spot where you can take some beautiful pictures, then the basilica on San Giorgio Maggiore island is definitely where you should go. The area here is less busy than the main waterfront near St. Mark’s Square, so this is a great area to take still images without anyone getting in the way. Of course, the St. Maria of Salute Basilica itself makes for a great photo subject as well.

  1. Grand Canal in VeniceGrand Canal

There’s nothing quite as majestic as the view on top of one of the four bridges that span the Grand Canal. Expect to see a lot of gondolas and ferries traveling down its expanse at all hours of the day. Photos of the Grand Canal at sunset are also particularly popular since the light reflecting off the water makes for a spectacular looking subject.

  1. View from a Gondola Ride

Of course, what better view is there in Venice than on board a gondola? What’s more, the friendly gondoliers help create that perfect atmosphere that is both relaxing and fun. There are various canal routes where you can get some excellent photos. There’s nothing quite like capturing some memories in Venice while riding on its most iconic mode of transportation.