There are many reasons why travelers choose Italy. Italy is an incredible country filled with rolling green hills, distinct landscapes, mouth-watering food, and a rich culture dating back centuries. It has everything that can keep visitors happy for days. All the hype that you see and hear about Italy is real, and it will never fail to impress. Hence, a vacation in the boot-shaped peninsula is magical indeed. But planning the trip isn’t as incredible as it may sound. We want you to avoid the common pitfalls of planning your own vacation without the help of a travel expert. So many folks ruin their vacations for ridiculous reasons and we want to make sure your trip is unforgettable.

The most common problems that tourists face:

  1. Relying on outdated information available on the internet
  2. They do not know which mode of transportation would serve their purpose
  3. Practical distances that can be covered in a day
  4. Finding the best hotels that are located close to the city center
  5. Information Overload on the internet that can make you overwhelmed and confused
  6. Location of each city and how much you are able to visit on the time frame you have without rushing from one place to another.

Italy is a complex European country that requires hours of research, but even then, there is no such guarantee that everything will fall into place. It is always a good idea to consult with a travel expert who can help plan your dream Italian vacation. They curate hundreds of tours every year and are highly experienced. These experts know the country well, and most likely they have visited the hotels and taken the trips that they suggest.

Using an expert won’t cost you more, but it will surely save you time and stress. The best part is if something goes wrong during the trip, you have someone to call for support. But if you plan everything by yourself, you have to handle any trouble, and there wouldn’t be anyone to help you. Kindly note, countless travel companies are operating in Italy. You must choose the one that has a solid social proof and a good reputation in the market.

Italy Now is a one-stop solution for all your travel-related needs. We have been in business for over fifteen years and take pride in our personal touch. Over the years, we have helped numerous travelers plan dream trips to this part of Europe. We live and breathe Italy and Europe. Hence, our services are a blend of choice, value, expertise, and passion. At Italy Now, we aim at making your vacation unforgettable and are ready to go the extra mile for you.


The benefits of booking a custom Italy tour with Italy Now:

  1. Visit the places that are not included in an escorted tour

Escorted tours usually cover the famous cities of Rome, Venice, and Florence and you will be traveling by bus with other people. But if you are a traveler willing to go off the beaten path, these tours are not for you. A customized tour allows you to explore more “undiscovered” destination away from the tourist crowd. Our travel experts can create a more personalized itinerary that will serve the purpose of your vacation.

  1. Explore the destinations at your own pace

Escorted tours are designed to maximize your time and give you the best value for money. As a result, the itineraries are packed, and you get limited time to explore an attraction. This is not the case with custom tour packages. You have the freedom to choose the destination or attraction and take your time to relax and unwind. It can be anything – a drive along the Amalfi Coast, skiing in the Italian Alps, or relishing the pristine landscape at Ischia.

  1. Go stress-free and enjoy a DIY tour

Planning a DIY trip is overwhelming and takes a lot of time and effort. Be it comparing hotel prices, searching for the perfect restaurant, or finding the best tour operators for the Vatican Museum tickets. This is the reason why having a travel expert can solve all your problems. At Italy Now we take the time to talk with you and figure out the best possible ways to make this an unforgettable vacation.


Some Essential Tips:

  1. Travel insurance is highly recommended
  2. Do not carry excess cash in your wallet
  3. Pack light as if you travel by train, there will be no one at the train station to assist with taking your luggage in and out of the trains. Plus you want to have space in your luggage to bring back all the wonderful things you will buy in Italy!
  4. Make sure your passport is valid for at least 6 months after your desired travel date.
  5. Keep your passport and other travel documents in a safe place

Italy Now wants you to experience Italy and its vibrant glory. Whatever your budget, whichever area you want to visit, and how long you are willing to travel, we are here to curate the perfect itinerary that works for you. We also have themed packages that include unique experiences such as cooking sessions, biking, museum tours, and more. You also get to stay in plush villas and choose the mode of transportation to travel around Italy. Here is the list of the luxury services that we offer.

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