Have you ever dreamt cruising the bike trails of Veneto? Traveling the expansive region of Veneto by bike is a wondrous experience that any bike lover will surely appreciate. With its many beautiful vistas, natural parks and medieval towns, bikers are in for a uniquely scenic tour of the area as they travel along its many biking trails.

Veneto itself is surrounded by varied landscapes, ranging from mountainous areas in the north, flatlands in the south, and some hilly terrain in the central region. Those looking for aquatic scenery won’t be disappointed either; the Adriatic Sea borders Veneto to the east and Lake Garda is located in the west. Veneto has a little something for everyone, which makes it the perfect place to tour by bike.

Seaside Route

Travelers who want to go down this path will be able to explore the wonders of the shoreline areas of Veneto. This generally runs from the Po River Delta to the Venetian Lagoon, with many long beaches and river inlets along the way. And if that still isn’t enough, adventurous explorers can continue on to the Venetian Islands and visit popular bike trails such as those found in Pellestrina and Lido.

While the route is generally smooth going and easy for beginners, the stretch between the Lagoon and the Po Delta can be quite long. A trip to the Venetian Islands Cycleway will also require you to take a short ferry to Pellestrina before you explore this chain of islands.

Dolomite Tour

The cycling path of the Dolomites is perhaps one of the most rewarding journeys you can take on two wheels. The majestic view of the Alps is a truly unique sight that really can’t be compared to anywhere else. Most routes start from the mountain pass of Passo Cimabanche, which naturally divides Valle d’Ampezzo and Pusteria Valley. While many anticipate this a tough climb through the mountains, there are many downhill slopes that are easily cyclable and includes some amazing sights along the way.

Most travelers will usually find themselves at Cortina d’Ampezzo, a town located in the heart of the Southern Alps. There are many other surrounding towns, which have well-preserved cycling paths that are suitable for families with children. There aren’t many significant uphill sections here and it is possible to return to the starting point by public transportation.

Lake Garda to Venice

If panoramic views are what you’re looking for, then this particular bike trail should definitely be on your list. This route will hit several provinces known for their rich culture and history. This includes Verona, Vincenza, Padua and Venice itself. The typical first leg includes a path along the Adige River, which links Bolzano to Verona. Aside from visiting the famous city of Romeo and Juliet, travelers can also visit the countryside where Bardolino and Valpolicella wines are produced.

The next stop includes Vicenza, which then leads bikers to Padua, home to famous artists like Giotto and Mantegna. Finally, the route crosses Riviera del Brenta before hitting Venice, where they can park their bikes at Mestre before returning to the city via public transportation. In general, the route is mainly level ground with two easy uphill stretches; one from Garda to Rivoli Veronese and another from Brendola to Vicenza.

Around the Euganean Hills

This circular path stretches from Padua all the way around the Euganean Hills. The hills themselves offer a unique geographical scenery, with rolling conical terrain that shows off its amazing biodiversity, as well as panoramic vistas that are simply breathtaking.

The route is relatively easy and can be traversed at any time of the year thanks to the mild climate that characterizes the area. It will pass through the walled cities of Este and Monselice, as well as the spas of Albano and Montegrotto, where you can take a break after a long day of cycling.

Bike lovers who travel to Veneto will definitely not be disappointed with the number of choices they have when it comes to bike trails. Tourism groups in Veneto have even formed “bike clubs” to cater to travelers looking to explore the region by bike. If you’re in the area, why not spend your vacation traveling Veneto on two wheels and experience it in a unique fashion.