Everybody loves a good pizza, and the Italians are well-known for coming up with some interesting variations of this well-loved dish. Much of this lies with the type of toppings that they use on their pizza. If you’re interested in trying out some unique pizza toppings for your own, read on and any of these ingredients catch your fancy.

  1. Truffle

Nothing says flavor more than a pizza topped with truffles, and this pizza goes all the way. The richness of truffles is sure to turn your pizza into a decadent treat that wraps around your taste buds. The only downside to this kind of pizza is the price tag. However, true pizza lovers definitely won’t regret buying this kind of pizza after the first bite.

  1. Eggplant

While not the typical pizza topping, this healthy veggie add-on helps add flavor and texture to any pizza. If you’re looking for something that upgrades the taste of a regular pizza, then you can’t go wrong with this topping. Cheese of any type complements well with eggplant and is usually paired with it.

  1. Prosciutto

Also known as the “Italian bacon”, prosciutto is the go-to meat for many Italian dishes and pizza is no exception. It has a signature flavor that is smoky and salty, giving any pizza it tops a nice meaty yet light texture to it. It also complements any kind of sauce you decide to use on your pizza.

  1. Italian Four Cheese

While you may have tried a four cheese pizza at your local pizza place, the Italian version is a big step up from the others. Each of the cheeses that an Italian four cheese pizza uses has a distinct flavor profile to it. Typical Italian cheeses used include formaggi, pere, noci e miele and many others. Good complementary toppings that go with this pizza are honey, walnuts, or even blue cheese to give everything a much sharper contrast of flavors.

  1. White Anchovy

Many people are averse to adding anchovies on their pizza. However, the Italians found that using white anchovy can be a more pleasant alternative to the usual brown anchovies that are more commonly used. White anchovy has a milder flavor and can be a good substitute for those who don’t want the overpowering flavor of the regular anchovy. If you’re a purist, you can opt for a non-dairy pizza and stick to tomato sauce as well as other herbs like oregano and garlic. However, the great thing about this type of anchovy is that its light flavor allows it to be paired perfectly with cheese without overpowering it.

  1. Tuscan Sausage

A variation of the usual Italian sausage topping, this one adds a little kick to your pizza. It has a hint of spicy flavor that’s indicative of the region from where it came from. When paired with some white cheese, it creates a wonderful balance of flavors that will leave you wanting for more.

  1. Burrata

If you want to try something other than mozzarella on your pizza, then you should give this flavorful cheese a try. This lighter and softer cheese is actually made from mozzarella and cream, giving it a fresh and buttery taste. A good combination that goes with burrata is tomatoes and arugula, which can turn your pizza into a very healthy meal that’s full of greens.